Faculty of Physics Department

Name Designation Qualification Area of Interest
Dr. Bushra Parveen Chairperson PhD Physics, MPhil Physics Semiconductors Physics, Ferromagnetic semiconductors, Synthesis of nanoparticles and nanowires, Light emitting diodes, Spintronics and Spin transistors, Impedance Spectroscopy, Magnetic sensors
Dr. Muhammad Hafeez Associate Professor PhD Physics, MS Physics Condensed Matter Physics, Opto-/Microelectronics, Synthesis   of   inorganic Materials Application of 1D and 2D structures in sensors, Photodetectors, Field emitters, Field effect transistor’s.
Dr. Alvina Rafiq Butt Assistant Professor Ph.D Physics, M.Phil    Applied Physics. Materials Physics, Chemistry and Biomedical Applications.
Dr. Zeeshan Mustafa Assistant Professor Ph.D Physics Material Physics and Chemistry
Dr. Rabia Ahmad Assistant Professor Ph.D Physics. M.Phil Applied. Femto-second Laser, Laser Matter Interaction, Nonlinear Optics
Dr. Hafsa Faiz Assistant Professor PhD Physics, MPhil   Applied Physics Material Physics, metal oxides, optical bandgap and nanostructures
Ms. Farzana Siddique Assistant Professor M.Phil Physics Material Science
Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Sami Assistant Professor Ph.D Scholar Laser-matter Interaction
Ms. Fatima Aslam Assistant Professor Ph.D Scholar Characterization of Materials (Materials Science)
Ms. Jawairia Mukhtar Assistant Professor Ph.D Scholar Flood Inundation GIS Environmental Issues
Ms. Khadija Tul Kubra Senior Lecturer M.Phil  Applied Physics Solar Cell-Solar Hydrogen Fuel
Mr. Irfan Aslam Lecturer M.Phil Physics Material Science, Nanotechnology, Accelerator Physics
Mr. Shazeb Zarrar Lab Supervisor BS Physics Material Science  and Atmospheric Physics
Ms. Ittrat Batool Senior Office Assistant BS Physics Material Science