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Dean’s Message

Warmest welcome to all new students to the Faculty of Social Sciences, Lahore Garrison University (LGU). Congratulations on your success in getting a place to further your studies. I assure you that you have made the right choice to join the Social Sciences family.

I am indeed very pleased and honoured to share a few words about the Faculty of Social Sciences and what we aim to be. Our goal is to provide quality education and training to ensure our students are equipped with appropriate skills, aptitudes and characteristics that will prepare them to be successful professionals in the future and assume leading roles in the government, business and community. We put a strong emphasis on excellent teaching, character building of students, innovative research and quality publications, as well as industry collaboration. The curricula of the degree programs offered are rigorously and continuously reviewed and updated by highly qualified academics with a focus on addressing local, regional and international requirements and standards. About 2000 students are currently continuing their education by well qualified, dedicated, enthusiastic academic staff. The Faculty offers a variety of degree programs through various departments, Business Management, Mass Communication, Psychology, Islamic Studies, Political Science and International Relations.

We are extremely proud of our well-qualified lecturers who are committed to providing the best in their teaching and at the same time actively engaged in pursuing scholarly research in a myriad of areas from Leadership, Psychology, HRM, Accounting, Finance, Marketing Strategies, Organizational Behavior, Supply Chain Management, Islamic Studies, Economics, Education, Communication, Pakistan Studies, History, International Relations and Political Science. At the Faculty of Social Sciences, we strive to have our students graduate with the capacity to explore extensively, think imaginatively and express ideas precisely.

We invite you to join the vibrant Social Sciences community and wish you all the best in your studies. I hope you will have a wonderful and memorable time in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

I am looking forward to seeing our graduates become socially responsible spirited leaders and contribute towards the betterment of society and the wider region.

Dr. Nouman Majeed

Associate Professor & Dean of Social Sciences