Department of Psychology


Psychology as called the scientific study of mind and behavior is one of most exciting and rapidly advancing discipline serving humanity in almost all area of life. The Department of Psychology is dedicated to providing students with a high-quality and rigorous education in the classroom and beyond. We strive to empower students with sound knowledge along with social and ethical values for its application in community and global issues to alleviate human sufferings.

We have vibrant BS Applied Psychology, M.Phil. Applied Psychology, and MS Clinical Psychology Programs. These programs offer training in different areas of Psychology, including Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Health Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Research Methods and Social Psychology.

The central objective of these programs is to provide knowledge, training and experience necessary for students to become not only skilled psychologists and dedicated researchers but also effective leaders to bring peace, progress and happiness among individuals and societies.


The vision of the Department of Psychology at Lahore Garrison University is to be a top leading department in education, research and innovation for mental health and socio-economic development of Pakistan.


The mission of the Department of Psychology is to educate, counsel and inspire our students with passion, knowledge, research and wisdom for the application of Psychology in a professional and friendly environment so that they become independent and self-motivated learners, healthy citizens and inspiring leaders to bring an effective positive social change at national horizons.