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Department of Biology is the union of Microbiology, Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology. With the mission to strive for scientific excellence, the Department offers various programs with detailed overview into each area of Microbiology, Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Genetics. Department is provided with extensive research facilities to help students in pursuing their research work.

Mission of Department of Biology coincides with the mission of the Lahore Garrison University. That is to,

  1. Provide quality education with special emphasis on experiential learning and problem solving.
  2. Department being a blend of arrays of most diversified and emerging fields of Biological Sciences, is committed to develop Scientists, Professionals and Mentors of the future.
  3. Foster an exciting environment loaded with opportunities for Research and Teaching.
  4. Inculcate intellectual virtues of perseverance, determination, and above all, to train youth to feel the responsibility and to stand for the pursuit of the goals despite attendant difficulties, till the goals are attained.

Biology itself being the knowledge of life, the Biologists of LGU are one committed cohort of mentors and scientists that will be integrating in the students the sense of curiosity for decoding the mysteries of existence and revealing what is not yet revealed.

We believe that we provide unique teaching and research opportunities through integrative focus on the intra-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary learning. Striving for Excellence by taking on board the emerging disciplines for compelling learning experience, we want our students to capture a broad based understanding of contemporary biological issues and pressing problems of today’s world and imbue a critical thinking ability to resolve those challenges. Moreover, at LGU, we strive to encourage the diversity among our students and faculty.

There is so much more around us that is yet to be explored, invented and outdone. And we believe we can do it, as we are second to none.


Psychology-the study of mind and behavior, is one of today’s most exciting and rapidly advancing scientific frontiers. The department of Psychology is dedicated to provide students with high-quality and rigorous education in the classroom and beyond. The mission of the Department of Psychology is to prepare students for the study and service of Psychology. We seek to empower students to lead and effect positive change in the world by instructing them the ethical, systematic study of behavior and mental processes, and the application of Psychology to community and global issues with the expectation of intellectual engagement and academic excellence.
We have vibrant BS, M.Sc. and M.Phil Applied Psychology, ADCP and MS Clinical Psychology Programs. These programs offer training in different areas of Psychology including Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Health Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Research Methods and Social Psychology.
The central objective of these programs is to provide training and experience necessary for students to become not only skilled psychologists and dedicated researchers, but also effective communicators of the knowledge and findings on which the science of Psychology rests.


The vision of the Department of Psychology at Lahore Garrison University is to be a top leading department in education, research and innovation in the field of Psychology in Pakistan.


The mission of the Department of Psychology is to educate, counsel and inspire our students with passion, knowledge, research and wisdom for the application of Psychology in professional and friendly environment so that they become independent and self motivated learners, healthy citizens and inspiring leaders to bring an effective positive social change at national horizons.

Five Years STRATEGIC PLAN 2019- 2023

Under the patronage and guidance of the honorable Vice Chancellor, The strategic plan of the Department of Psychology for the year 2019-23 is proposed as following:

  1. To initiate a research journal of Psychology with name as “Journal of Applied and Clinical Psychology” and to bring it at par with international standards.
  2. To increase the research publications in HEC recognized journals of national and international repute by faculty members and students by 50% every year.
  3. To initiate MPhil in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Educational Psychology and Forensic Psychology after approval from HEC.
  4. To improve Clinical Training / placements of MSCP and MPhil programs.
  5. To initiate BS Clinical Psychology program.
  6. To initiate PhD degree programs in Clinical Psychology & MPhil Applied Psychology in 2020-21 and for that, hiring more PhD faculty with international exposure.
  7. To increase the number of students enrollment in BS, MSCP and MPhil Applied Psychology programs by 20 % every year.
  8. To grow the budding “Garrison Counseling & Clinical Centre” at University students, staff and community levels.
  9. To acquire and provide training in teaching, research and soft skills to all faculty members and extend such services for outside institutions.
  10. To organize an international conference in 2019, 2021 and 2023.
  11. To organize seminars, workshops and plays for the promotion of Psychology in coordination with other departments of the LGU and outside bodies.
  12. To invite renowned professionals, VIPs and representatives of NGOs and INGOs and get wider publicity of the Department and LGU through print and electronic media.
  13. Forming and organizing Alumni of the Department, and arrange gatherings and activities.
  14. To hire more qualified faculty and supporting staff for teaching, training and research in all relevant disciplines of Psychology.
  15. To acquire suitable infrastructure for the promotion and growth of the above mentioned plans.

Dr. Gulzar Ahmad, Professor & Head, Department of Psychology