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Name Designation Academic Qualification Area of Interest Email Photo
Col Dr. Muhammad Amjad Khan (Retd) Assistant Professor- Dean (Basic Sciences) PhD Zoology (PU) / MPhil Reproductive Physiology / DVM (UAF) Endocrinology / Reproductive Physiology / Parasitology / Veterinary Sciences / Canine management, Training / Farm animals , Equine management dramjad@lgu.edu.pk
Dr. Aisha Waheed Qureshi Associate Professor-HOD / HEC Approved Supervisor (31,920) PhD Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (PU) / MPhil (Botany-PU) / MSc. (Botany-FCCU/PU) / BSc (PU) Biofilm physiology and stress adaptation of bacteria / Plant Microbiology / Molecular Genetics / Environmental Microbiology Microbial Ecology, Microbial Biotechnology and Microbial genetics aishawaheedqureshi@lgu.edu.pk
Dr. Naureen Naeem Associate Professor PhD Food Technology (UAF) / MSc (Hons) Food Technology / BSc (Hons) Agriculture (UAF) Industrial Microbiology / Food Biotechnology / Nutritional Biochemistry / naureen.naeem@lgu.edu.pk
Dr. Shahzada Nadeem Abbas Assistant Professor PhD Biochemistry (SBS, PU) / MPhil Chemistry (PU) / MSc. Chemistry (PU) Enzymology / Protein chemistry / Thermophilic enzymes shazadanadeemabbas@lgu.edu.pk
Dr. Imran Afzal Assistant Professor / HEC Approved Supervisor (30,858) PhD Biotechnology (QAU) / MPhil Microbiology (QAU) / BS Microbiology and Molecular genetics (MMG, PU) Microbial Biotechnology / Applied Environmental Microbiology / Plant-microbe interactions imranafzal@lgu.edu.pk
Dr. Sana Shahbaz Assistant Professor PhD Zoology (PU) / MS Zoology (PU) / BS Zoology (PU) Molecular Genetics / Molecular and cell biology / Parasitology sanashahbaz@lgu.edu.pk
Dr. Roheela Yasmeen Assistant Professor PhD Zoology (PU) / MPhil Zoology (GCU, Lahore) / MSc Zoology (GCU, Lahore) / BSc (Garrison Degree College for Women Lahore) Wildlife / Environmental Sciences / Microbiology, Heavy metals, Air quality / Poultry Sciences / Zoology roheelayasmeen@lgu.edu.pk
Dr. Fouzia Qamar Assistant Professor Ph.D Zoology (PU) Pest-Microbe interactions / Molecular Diagnostics / Integrated Pest Management / Molecular Entomology / Medical Entomology & Public health fouzia_qamar@lgu.edu.pk
Dr. Sumaira Mazhar Assistant Professor PhD Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (MMG, PU) / MPhil Botany (PU) / MSc Botany (FC) Applied Microbiology / Agriculture biotechnology / Soil Microbiology / Plant-microbe interactions / Cyanobacterial secondary metabolites sumairamazhar@lgu.edu.pk
Dr. Shomaila Sikandar Assistant Professor / HEC Approved Supervisor (31,291) PhD Microbiology (QAU) / MPhil Microbiology (QAU) / MSc Microbiology (QAU) Environmental Microbiology / Mycology Industrial Biotechnology / Enzymology / Biofuels / Clinical Microbiology shomaila.sikandar@lgu.edu.pk
Dr. Aqeela Ashraf Assistant Professor / HEC Approved Supervisor (31,669) PhD Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (UVAS) / MPhil Biotechnology (FC College) / MSc Biochemistry (IBB, PU) / Molecular diagnostics / Multiplex PCR development / Infectious diseases / Plant cloning draqeela@lgu.edu.pk
Dr. Hafiz Zeshan Wadood Assistant Professor PhD Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (MMG, PU) / M.Phil Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (MMG, PU) / M.Sc. Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (MMG, PU) Biofilms Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion / Bioremediation of heavy metals dr.zeshanwadood@lgu.edu.pk
Ms. Syeda Shazia Bokhari Assistant Professor PhD Scholar (PU) / MPhil Zoology (PU) / MSc. Zoology (PU) / M.Ed Teacher education Physiology / Endocrinology / Paleontology shaziabokhari@lgu.edu.pk
Ms. Huma Shafique Assistant Professor MPhil Human Genetics and Molecular Biology (UHS) / MSc Microbiology and Molecular genetics (MMG, PU) / BSc Botany, Zoology and Chemistry (PU) Human Genetics Molecular Biology / Food Microbiology / Microbial Taxonomy / Computational study of Genes humashafique@lgu.edu.pk
Mrs. Uzma Rafi Assistant Professor Ph.D Scholar Zoology (PU) / MPhil Zoology (PU) / MSc. Zoology (PU Gold Medalist) Endocrinology / Physiology / Paleontology uzmazeeshan@lgu.edu.pk
Mr. Hammad Arshad Assistant Professor PhD Scholar (PU) / BS Biochemistry (IBB, PU) / MS Biotechnology (IBB, PU) / Protein Biochemistry / Industrial Biotechnology / Nanobiotechnology / Metal nanoparticles synthesis for biomedical and environmental applications hammadarshad@lgu.edu.pk
Ms. Sidra Moqaddes Senior Lecturer M.Phil Microbiology (UVAS) / BS Applied Microbiology (UVAS) Immunology and Virology / Biosafety and risk management / Vaccinology / Ground water microbiology sidra.moqaddes@lgu.edu.pk
Ms. Mawra Gohar Senior Lecturer MPhil Microbiology (UVAS) / BS Applied Microbiology (UVAS) Immunology / Vaccinology / Cell culture / Virology / Biosafety and Risk Management mawra.gohar@lgu.edu.pk
Mr. Qamar Abbas Senior Lecturer PhD Scholar Biotechnology (NIBGE) / BS (Hons) Bioinformatics (GCUF) Plant Virology / Agriculture Biotechnology / Bioinformatics qamar92@lgu.edu.pk
Ms. Asmara Imtiaz Senior Lecturer PhD Scholar Cell and Molecular Biology (SBS, PU) / MPhil Microbiology (QAU) / BS (Biochemistry) Applications of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cell and Molecular Biology in Life Sciences asmaraimtiaz@lgu.edu.pk
Ms. Hina Qaiser Lecturer MS Biotechnology (LCWU) / BS Biotechnology (LCWU) Molecular Biology hinaqaiser@lgu.edu.pk
Ms. Beenish Sarfraz Lecturer MS Biotechnology (LCWU) / BS Biotechnology (LCWU) Plant viral diseases / Food biotechnology / Fermentation biotechnology / Environmental biotechnology / Post-harvest technology beenishsarfraz@lgu.edu.pk
Ms. Humaira Niamat Lecturer M. Phil Microbiology (LGU) / MSc. Microbiology (LGU) Microbiology / Molecular Biology / Cell Biology / Biological Techniques / Microbial Genetics humairaniamat@lgu.edu.pk
Ms. Wajeeha Hamid Lecturer M.Phil Microbiology (LGU) / BS Microbiology (LGU) Plant Microbiology / Microbial genetics wajeehahamid34@gmail.com
Ms. Afeefa Chaudhry Lecturer MPhil Molecular Biology and Forensic Sciences (CAMB, PU) / BS Microbiology (LGU) Environmental Microbiology / Cell Culture / Molecular Biology afeefach@lgu.edu.pk
Ms. Humaira Ramzan Assistant Lecturer/TA M.Phil (Scholar) Microbiology (LGU) / BS Microbiology (LGU) Environmental Microbiology / Microbial Biotechnology / Microbial Diversity / Microbial Biofilm formation / Quorum sensing humairaramzan@lgu.edu.pk