Directorate SA&C Overview

The Student Affairs Office serves as a liaison among students, professors, and administration. The Student Affairs Office’s primary function is to assist students in any way possible. It leads, direct and administers the overall functions of student counselling, hostel accommodation, student societies, and discipline. The Student Affairs Office is responsible for improving the quality of student life both within and outside of the classroom. This office, which is supervised by the Dean of Student Affairs, serves as a central platform for students to express and get assistance with any problem they may experience on campus, whether academic, personal, or emotional.

The Student Affairs Office has a full-time Assistant Director of Student Affairs who is easily available to students for resolving problems. Students are encouraged to seek counselling and guidance from him. Efforts are made to ensure a stress-free student life, to encourage them in learning, to handle their affairs on their own, and to cope with the pressures and stresses that are part of the growing process.

 The Student Affairs Office serves as a student’s advocate and guide, administering his needs from the moment he enters the Institute for admission until the time he graduates from the Institute. It provides platforms for the development of literary and artistic potentials, as well as healthy outlets in sports and games, making their time on campus a rich experience of multi-dimensional growth.

The Student Affairs Office provides proactive support and capacity building services to promote co-curricular activities in the Institute that can enrich our graduates at every stage of their lives while also allowing them to build strong relationships with their peers, faculty, administration, and other stakeholders.