LGU Clubs & Societies

As fundamentals of the Directorate Student Affairs, this office acts as the main facilitating and governing body for all Student clubs/societies. LGU promotes student participation in a variety of physical, intellectual, and motivational activities thus helping them grow and excel globally.


LGU students will feel empowered to build inclusive societies and clubs and prepare for their future through meaningful experience.


LGU provides its students a platform to discover and engage their strengths, talents and passions. They add colors to campus life through their achievements and experiences.


  • Innovative programming: Implement and encourage new programs to connect with different populations of the student body.
  • Increase student leadership opportunities: Provide new ways for students to be developed and experienced in leadership capacities.
  • Brand identity: Establish consistent marketing and branding strategies that communicate the value of being involved.
  • Enhanced academic for student leaders: Create a culture of high expectations for academic success and wellbeing to better integrate student learning and student involvement.