Mr Muhammad Tahir

It is my pleasure to provide you with an overview of the services offered by the Directorate of Student Affairs.

The directorate is the hub of all students’ activities and facilitates a variety of services to students. We are committed to adopting a holistic approach by supporting and serving all students of LGU.

We are dedicated to providing such an environment that enhances academic success, individual growth, and development. The Directorate of Student Affairs provides various services, activities, and opportunities that benefit students’ entire personalities throughout their time at the University. The Directorate manages the on-Campus student affairs and has overall responsibility for the formulation of coherent policies and management of activities to ensure compliance with strategic priorities, maintaining compliance with all accreditation/statutory bodies. The office encourages students to participate in co-curricular activities and organizes inter/Intra University debates, declamations, sports and other competitions. LGU has sixteen clubs and societies in operation: Debating Society, LGU Dramatic Society, Literary Society, Art and Culture Society, LGU Blood Donation Society, Business Management Club, LG U Environmental Society, Flourishing Mind Society (FMS), Garrison Information & Technology Society (GITS), LGU Media Club, Garrison University Music Society, Pakistan Ideology & Ethical Society (LGU-PIES), Entrepreneurial Society, Garrison Physics Society (GPS), Garrison Engineering & Robotics Society (Gears), and Garrison Chemistry Society (Galaxy Of Chemist’s).

Students are encouraged to join the above-mentioned societies and clubs.

The Directorate also ensures proper discipline of the students, looks after students’ welfare, recommends, processes, and finalizes financial assistance to students. It also arranges internships for students in various organizations and industrial centres throughout the country by organizing job fairs for the appropriate placement of graduating students. Moreover, it also is responsible for dealing with all matters of the University’s alumni.

Please contact us as a student representative if you have any concerns.

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