Vision Statement of QEC

The Vision of Quality Enhancement Cell is to set precedence in quality by all programs and to bring progressive change in output results at Lahore Garrison University in the next five fiscal years.

Mission Statement of QEC

Quality Enhancement Cell of Lahore Garrison University is adhering to the guided lines of quality with enhancement of productivity in every department as a whole; training and development are the key indicators to create a benchmark in the relevant fields. We strive for creating information and learning sources through e-systems for the students to be on top in the industry not only professionally but ethically.


QEC Team

Quality Enhancement Cell has been constituted in Lahore Garrison University under Director QA, Col. Sohail Ajmal Butt (R) including Deputy Director, Data Analyst and Office Assistant.

Col. Humayun Sattar

Director QA

Ali Raza Qureshi

Deputy Director QEC
MA Mass  Communication
MBA Professional (MS Marketing)

Team Efforts

Following are the efforts by QEC team since inception:

  1. Conduct / Preparation of PM QA and Good Governance Team Visit. Points of visit (dated 2 Feb, 16) issued for guidance / compliance, to all concerned/ Departments LGU.
  2. Pursuance / Monitoring of progress of HEC points and initiation of related actions/ processes like notifications of Statuary bodies, minutes of meetings etc.
  3. Conduct of workshops (18 x Awareness / training sessions) with all departments’ stakeholders on matters like maintenance of course files, documentation / procedures, timetable issues, budget forecasting, Semester rules, HEC/LGU objectives etc.
  4. Conducted Workshop on Self Assessment procedures and Teachers Job Description.
  5. Working in improving existing University Functions.
  6. Data collection related to Faculty, MPhil/ PhD Scholars and their publications.
  7. Initiation process of Self Assessment Report of three programs.
  8. Prepared / issued SAR calendar.
  9. Conduct of Workshop on Self Assessment (preparation of PT and AT Report).
  10. Designing of ICP Chart for Faculty.
  11. ERP system beta version established
  12. Conducted workshop on ERP different modules / functions and operations.
  13. Conduct of Online Teacher Evaluation – Spring 2016 of thirteen departments.
  14. Preparation of Job Descriptions of Faculty/Staff.
  15. Director QA, attended the “Progress Review Meeting of Quality Enhancement Cells” of HEC held on 30th and 31st August, 2016.
  16. Prepared templates for layout of Scheme of Studies.
  17. Developed Short listing / Selection Criteria.
  18. Coordinated for signing MOU, LGU as NTS Test Center.
  19. Worked on university first-ever research journal publication / printing.
  20. Director QA, attended Training on Quality Assurance & Governance by TESP of HEC dated March 27-29, 2017.
  21. Maintained Course Files of teachers and issued guidelines to have uniformity in course files.
  22. Prepared Teacher Evaluation Analysis Fall-2016 of eighteen departments.
  23. Student Course Evaluation (In process)
  24. Survey of Graduating Students (In Process)
  25. Working on preparation of HEC MPhil / MS / PhD Program Review Committee Visit (In Process)
  26. Training workshop conducted to all stakeholders on preparation of program review committee visit with focus on student files, faculty files, course files and general procedures / rules etc.


Following are the Areas of Responsibilities:

  1. Annual monitoring and evaluation including
    1. Program monitoring
    2. Faculty monitoring
    3. Students perception
  2. Departmental review
  3. Subject review
    1. QA of Master’s, M.Phil and Ph.D degree programs
    2. Collection of department-wise data and set benchmark
    3. Analysis of data and formulation of recommendation in consultation with concerned Head
  4. Institutional Assessment with the following objectives:
    1. Maintain and improve academic standards
    2. Enhance student’s learning
    3. Verify that the existing programs meet their objectives and institutional goals
    4. Provide feedback for quality assurance of academic programs


MS/MPhil/PhD HEC Review Committee Visit – 25 September 2017

  1. Team from Higher Education Commission (Islamabad) had visited the Lahore Garrison University (Lahore) to review MS/MPhil/PhD programs. The main purpose of the team was to analyze procedures/ processes and Quality Standards being followed by LGU as per HEC given criteria. LGU QEC Department in this regard had developed a working model to observe the standards and deliver presentation to HEC team.

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National Level Seminar on Quality Assurance Planned in December 2017.

Self Assessment Reports for 51 Programs Planned to be Completed by end of 30 June 2018.


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QEC Evaluation

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