ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning



ERP is a system that automates all the processes from admission to issuance of degrees and provides a central medium of accessing/ reporting information to all the students and faculty of LGU provisioned by ERP LGU. It serves as a centralized platform for all the stakeholders by means of:
1. Student Portal
2. Faculty Portal
3. Office Automation Portal

Sr. Name Designation Qualification Email
1 Col. Humayun Sattar Director
2 Jaleel Nazir Assistant Director MCS + MBIT
3 Shan E Zahra Sr. Support Officer M.Phil
4 Noor Ul Qamar Sr. Support Officer MCS
5 Tayab Altaf Erp Officer M.Phil
6 Shamsa Riaz Erp Officer M.Phil
7 Abdul Rahim Jr. Developer M.Phil (Scholar)
8 Muhammad Salman Shahbaz Jr. Developer BSCS
9 Arslan Ahmad Office Incharge MBA (Scholar)
10 Waleed Khalid Erp Officer M.Phil (Scholar)
11 Ammar Zia Operation Officer M.Phil (Scholar)