Core Values

Sr. Values Description
1 Integrity (Honest, Ethical, Upright) At LGU, honest communication, ethical behavior, and accountability for words and deeds are expected from all the members of the University community.
2 Aiming High (Excellence) Excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, creative endeavors, student services, and in all aspects of the University’s operations are continuously pursued at LGU to ensure institutional effectiveness and efficiency.
3 Well Groomed (Respectable, Neat, Smart, Elegant) Each person at LGU is expected to be Well Groomed so that he/she is treated with respect and dignity and is to be treated equitably in all situations.
4 Breadth of Outlook
(Systems Thinking, Whole & Holistic Approach)
A broad diversity of people and ideas are welcomed and supported at LGU and is essential to quality education in a global interdependent society. Students will have reasonable and affordable access to a comprehensive range of high quality educational programs and services.
5 Self-Discipline (Leadership, Self-control, Resolute, and Persistent) LGU seeks to provide rigorous academic curricula and challenging co-curricular opportunities to promote the development of leadership qualities in students and to facilitate leadership development among faculty, staff, and students.
6 Collaboration (Cooperation, Teamwork, Participation) At LGU we work with our members who have experience and knowledge that we may lack.
7 Innovation (Variation, New Method, Update) LGU encourages and supports its faculty, staff, and students in all forms of scholarship including the discovery and application of knowledge in teaching and learning and in developing innovative products and processes.