HOD’s Message

Welcome to the Department of Psychology

PSYCHOLOGY, being the scientific study of human mind and behavior, has inroads in almost all areas of life. So, if the study of Psychology is utilized appropriately, it might be very useful for the welfare of all human beings in all walks of life.

With this deliberation, the Department of Psychology at Lahore Garrison University, Lahore is committed to improve the dignity and welfare of mankind. The administration and faculty of Psychology department are devoted to educate, motivate, counsel and guide our young generations for their healthy development, learning and adjustment for purposeful, healthy and happy life.

We intend to impart the knowledge, research and skills of Psychology to our students, keeping in view the advanced educational methodologies with cooperative and interactive learning, and multiple intelligence techniques to nourish their talents in professional and pleasant fertile environment so that they may assimilate and apply their knowledge, become independent thinkers, be innovative and inspiring leaders.

We aspire our students to be self-motivated and goal directed learners with healthy human values in service of mankind. For this cause, we want our students to benefit not only within classrooms but also acquire interactive and sagacious learning from the learned elites everywhere. We wish our students to enjoy their Department and University life that would be remembered forever.

Dr. Gulzar Ahmad

Head, Department of Psychology