Detail of the Psychological & Experimental LAB equipment for Website – Record uploading by the Department of Psychology

Sr. No. Equipment’s Aspect/ Characteristics
1 Muller Layer Cards Muller Layer Card is used to detect optical illusion.
2 DSL Cards Differential weight cards are used to detect the Threshold of Cutaneous sensation.
3 Depth Perception Boxes The Depth Perception Apparatus tests depth perception acuity.
4 Exposure boards Exposure boards are used to perform experiments on memory.
5 Skinner Box A Skinner Box is a small chamber that is used to conduct operant conditioning research with animals.
6 Aesthesiometer They are used to understand the tactile sensitivity of parts of the body.
7 Dissection Board A wooden board used for dissection purposes.
8 Dissection Kits Tools for dissection scissors, needles, etc.
9 Lists of meaningful and nonsense syllables Lists of words to perform memory experiments.
10 Eye Rest Stand Apparatus and cages It is used to study the internal structures of eye
11 Stopwatches (Reaction timers) For recording the time duration.
12 Mirror stand To determine focal length of a convex lens.
13 Learning drum A device used to present items in memory experiments.
14 Glass Jars For keeping the brain in chemicals.
15 Star pattern sheets To study optical illusion from preferred and non-preferred hands.
16 Model of brain For teaching the parts of brain.
17 Reinforcing lights Used to reinforce animals in skinner boxes.