Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) for the BS Information Technology Degree program

PEO 1:

To comprehend and apply concepts of various subjects in integration with computing, Telecommunications and emerging technologies. Knowledgeable and competent IT Graduates who will be able to play a constructive role in Industry / higher education.

PEO 2:

To offer IT technology-oriented courses, facilitate research, promote new (business) ideas and enhance designing IT Infrastructure and able to offer its software development skills and IT & Telecommunication services. Further, creative IT Graduates with analytical ability and problem-solving skills, capable to adopt emerging technologies.

PEO 3:

To develop effective team members/leaders with good communication skills and higher moral values, as a result they can effectively inculcate the presentation and communication skills and can create awareness about moral and social values in others.

PEO 4:

Our aim is to develop new critical thinking and problem-solving approaches in students so they can provide better computing solutions. Such students will be capable to foster innovation and nurture entrepreneurial ideas to produce creative solutions for the society.