HOD’s Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Computer Science at Lahore Garrison University, which is the largest department in terms of students and faculty, with expertise across the discipline. We offer an NCEAC-accredited Bachelors program in Computer Science that has gone on to produce graduates who have had great success in industry and academia. Our growing MS program provides advanced coursework and research in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Information Security, Digital Image Processing, Cloud Computing, Distributed Computing, Blockchain and Advanced Databases. Together, these programs offer our students at all levels the opportunity to engage in research, experiential learning, and depth of study within the discipline, alongside dedicated faculty and a strong team of student-centered advisors and staff.

We strive to provide ample opportunities for research, industry experience, and professional development alongside academic leaders and industry innovators with years of dedicated experience in both traditional and modern high-tech fields. It is our commitment to offer a diverse and interactive learning space with up-to-date curricula that keeps pace with current developments in technology.  We are eager for you to get started on your journey at LGU and hope that you consider joining us as part of one of our CS programs.

Dr. Muhammad Asif
Head of Department
Computer Science Department