HOD Message

The significance of Mathematics is due to its increasing demand in stages with new advancements in engineering and science. The challenges of keeping up to date are absolutely essential. We are living in an era where the digital system has become an integral part of our daily lives. Apart from imagination and speculation, one cannot understand concepts in Engineering Science, Physics, Computer Science, Management Science, and Social Science without Mathematics.

Lahore Garrison University’s Mathematics department is dedicated to providing quality instructional services to all other departments. The department offers a BS in Mathematics and an M.Phil. in Mathematics. Our professors are dedicated to providing high-quality instruction in conceptual areas. Aside from the many Mathematics degrees, the department also provides a solid scientific and mathematical foundation to undergraduate professionals in all of the university’s other departments.

With strong research standards, we have faculty members that are actively working in a wide range of subjects in pure, applied, and computational mathematics. The department is a thriving hub for international collaboration in related mathematical research. Throughout the year, we host a huge variety of seminars, conferences, and workshops.

Dr. Muhammad Sarmad Arshad
Assistant Professor
HOD of Mathematics Department