Faculty of Mathematics

Name Designation Qualification Area of Interest Images
Dr. Muhammad Sarmad Arshad Assistant Professor-HoD PhD. Numerical Analysis, Fractional Differential Equations, Mathematical Biology
Dr. Zahida Perveen Associate Professor PhD. Special functions, integral transform, Differential equations
Dr. Muhammad Nadeem Assistant Professor PhD. Algebra
Dr. Noreen Riaz Assistant Professor PhD. Survey Sampling
Dr. Noreen Akram Assistant Professor PhD. Computational Fluid Dynamics
Ms. Shumaila Nisar Assistant Professor PhD. Scholar Sampling
Ms. Sana Akram Assistant Professor PhD. Scholar Operations Research, Graph Theory , Numerical Analysis
Ms. Nousheen Ilyas Assistant Professor PhD. Scholar Applied Mathematics
Ms. Quratulain Rana Assistant Professor PhD. Scholar Survey Sampling
Mrs. Asma Riffat Assistant Professor MS/ M.Phil. Partial differential equation
Ms. Maryam Fatima Assistant Professor MS/ M.Phil. Metric dimensions (Graph Theory)
Ms. Lubna Shaheen Assistant Professor MS/ M.Phil. Differential Equations
Ms. Sumaira Ajmal Khan Assistant Professor MS/ M.Phil. Pure Mathematics
Lt. Col. (R) Muhammad Riaz Khan Assistant Professor MS/ M.Phil. Fluid Mechanics
Ms. Irum Sarwar Assistant Professor MS/ M.Phil. Geo statistics
Mrs. Ayesha Saeed Assistant Professor MS/ M.Phil. Ordinary Differential Equation
Mrs. Rubina Shuaib Senior Lecturer MS/ M.Phil. Fluid Analysis
Mr. Muhammad Naveed Jafar Senior Lecturer PhD. Scholar Neutrosophic Hypersoft Structure
Mr. Muhammad Arshad Senior Lecturer PhD. Scholar Geomatics
Mr. Muhammad Saqlain Senior Lecturer PhD. Scholar Fuzzy Set, Hypersoft Set, AI
Ms. Mobeen Ashraf Lecturer MS/ M.Phil. Applied mathematics
Mr. Arshad Hameed Lecturer MS/ M.Phil. Multivariate Analysis
Ms. Aleen Ijaz Lecturer MS/ M.Phil. Numerical Methods, Condensed Matter Physics
Ms. Mahrukh Irfan Lecturer PhD. Scholar Decision Making and Artificial Intelligence
Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Lecturer PhD. Scholar Fuzzy Mathematics