Name Designation Qualification Specialization/Research
Areas/Experience in years
Dr. Shabbir Hussain Associate Professor & Chairman PhD Inorganic/Analytical, GCUF, (PAK) Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry
Nano chemistry, Phytochemistry,
Synthesis, Characterization and Applications
Dr. Syeda Mona Hassan Associate Professor PhD Analytical Chemistry, AUF, (PAK) Analytical Chemistry Characterization
and Quality Assessment of Medicinal
Plants. Antioxidant and Antifungal
Applications to Control Specially
the Aflatoxins
Dr. Syeda Shaista Gillani Assistant Professor PhD Organic Chemistry, University of Punjab Lahore Organic Chemistry Synthesis
of Complex Molecular,
Macromolecular, and Supramolecular
Non-biological Systems that Exhibit
Biological Functions.
Dr. Sadaf Sarfraz Assistant Professor PhD Physical Chemistry,
Physical Chemistry Surface
Chemistry, Material Sciences,
Nano chemistry
Dr.. Tanzeela Gulab Shahzady Assistant Professor PhD Chemistry GCU Lahore Applied & Analytical Chemistry,
Polymer and Nano chemistry,
Analysis of various food and
environmental samples
Dr. Manzar Zahra Assistant Professor PhD Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry, Quaid-I-Azam Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry
Polymer Synthesis and
Material Chemistry
Dr. Affifa Tajammal Assistant Professor PhD Chemistry, PU Biochemistry Synthesis
of Organic Compounds and
finding their Biological Activities.
Dr. Iqra Zubair Awan Assistant Professor PhD from University
of Bologna (Italy)
Inorganic Chemistry,
Green Chemistry, Heterogeneous
Catalysis, Materials, Biomass
Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Assistant Professor PhD from Michigan State
University & University of Notre Dame, USA
Physical/Analytical Chemistry
Membrane Science, Separation Science, Electrochemistry, Polymer Science
Mr. Muhammad Waqas Lecturer PhD Scholar,
Biochemistry and Synthetic Chemistry
Mr. Jigar Ali Lecturer Ph.D scholar
G.C.U Lahore
Organometallic complexes/3 years
Mr. Muhammad Ibrar Assistant Lecturer M.Phil.
Nano Chemistry/Organic Chemistry
Synthesis, Characterization,
Applications of Nano
Composite Material