Data Center

Data center is a core networking area that facilitates internet bandwidth all over the campus while also providing different server services.

a)   Data Center Services

i. Firewall
ii. Network Bandwidth Services
iii. ERP Services
iv. Moodle Services
v. Backup Services
vi. Centralizing printing services
vii. Qmatic System Services
viii. Biometric attendance Services
ix. Free Wi-fi Facility for students

b)   Data Center Completion Projects

IT team has completed the fiber-based network project at LGU. There are up to 170 TP Link Access Points for providing internet bandwidth to LGU officers and Faculty as well as facilitates Auditoriums, Conference Rooms, Meeting Halls, Classes, Media House, Sports Complex. The whole campus networking is controlled directly by Data Center. A total of 170 Access Points has been deployed to Provide state of the art network connection to whole university.

c)   Hardware Lab

             Recent year, IT team inaugurated the hardware lab to provide the first aid repairs to LGU officers’ laptops and computers.

d)  Networking equipment specification

i. 170 TP-Link Access Points (300,1200,1750)
ii. Hardware Based Firewall
iii. Dell networking server with Radius Manager DMA
iv. Dell Backup server with Radius Manager DMA
v. Hp Server for ERP Services.
vi. More than 70-Switches Cisco and TP-Link
vii. HP and Dell brands Laptop, Computers, Printers, and other equipment’s.

e)   State of the art LAB Services

i. Ethernet Connections with I/O Ports
ii. Wireless Connectivity
iii. Multimedia Projectors installed
iv. Upgraded systems specs through RAM and Processor Revive.
v. Software System Services Improved.