CCTV Surveillance

CCTV surveillance is a confidential system providing security over the Campus. More than 240 IT based networking cameras are recording live streaming in order to save thousands of lives and to monitor the conduct of students and LGU officials.

      a)   CCTV System monitoring and playback

                    It is complex but necessary for IT team to monitor all the cameras at the same time. In recent year, a CCTV control room with professional equipment for live streaming videos has
been  developed. The Vice Chancellor has been watching live views of all cameras from anywhere on his mobile phone.

      b)  CCTV equipment Specification

              i.   64-channel Hikvision NVR (3 in total) with 4 months playback.
ii.  32-channel Hikvision (2 in total) NVR with 2 months playback.
iii. 24-port POE (20 in total) Cisco Switches.
iv. 240 Hikvision Dome and Bullet cameras.

      c)  CCTV System at Parking & Sports Complex

                  The CCTV Systems project at the Parking & Sports Complex is completed in the time frame of two months. In all, 50 cameras have been deployed to provide state-of-the-art
surveillance video playback with 24/7 live coverage.