Message by the Registrar

The provision of quality education is the distinguishing feature of an educational institution. In order to achieve this, every aspect of the institute should be in synchronization and must reflect excellence in every expected way, and this is what Lahore Garrison University stands for.

We are pleased to welcome you at Lahore Garrison University. The University has made great strides in a short time by setting benchmarks in the fields of Research, Technology, Sports and Social Sciences. We believe that the inspired students, guided by dedicated instructors and a foresighted top administration, would advance this university to a coveted and renowned position in the galaxy of higher education in the country. Our goal is to create a world-class Center of Excellence in technology training, research, and innovation. We are sincerely attempting to establish a positive image wherein our name becomes synonymous with excellence, innovation, integrity, transparency, and exceptional quality and services. Our core objective is to encourage and support the individual in his/her pursuit of knowledge in a supportive environment, and to ensure that research, theory and practice go hand in hand.

On the behalf of Lahore Garrison University and myself, I assure you of my support, cooperation, and help, and I extend a hearty welcome and best wish to all associated with LGU. I promise to provide the best academic, administrative, and research environment on campus.

Let us all strive together to raise LGU to excellence so that our students can carry the national flag to the farthest reaches of the globe.

Thank you so much!

Brig Raheel Ashraf, SI(M), (Retd)