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Lahore Garrison University in The Punjab metropolis city of Lahore is an important milestone in the history of higher education in Pakistan. In order to meet the global challenges it is necessary to touch the highest literacy rates while producing skillful and productive graduates in all fields of knowledge. Lahore Garrison University has been established to achieve the goal of excellence and quality education in minimum possible time. At present, LGU is running Undergraduate, Graduate, Masters, M. Phil and PhD programs in various disciplines. Our mission is to serve the society by equipping the upcoming generations with valuable knowledge and latest professional skills through education and research. We also aim to evolve new realities and foresight by unfolding new possibilities. We are committed to help individuals and organizations in discovering their God-gifted potentials to achieve ultimate success actualizing the highest standards of efficiency, effectiveness, excellence, equity, trusteeship and sustainable development of global human society. We intend to promote the ethical, cultural and human values in our participants to make them educated and civilized members of society.


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