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Sr. Name of Faculty Title of Publication Name of Journal Date of Publication HEC Recognized
1 Dr. Saeed Ahmed Saeedi “Conformity among Four Schools of Thoughts (Viewpoint of Sha Wali Ullah)” “Muarif e Islami”, volume: 7, No: 1, January 2013 to June 2013, ISSN: 1992-8556 Yes
    “Jurisprudential Difference: Comparative study of the thoughts of Imam Sha’rani and Sha wali Ullah” “Al Adhwa” in volume:28 No:–40, SZIC Punjab University, Lahore   Yes
    “Conformity Ideology of Imam Abdul Wahab Shaurani” “Pakistan Journal of Islamic Research” Volume: 11, Islamic Research Centre, BZU Multan. Jun 2013 Yes
    “Conformity in Islamic Jurisprudence and its Ideological Basis” jihat ul I slam” Volume: 7, No: 2 January 2014 Yes
    “Sha Wali Ullah’s Ideology about Conformity among four Jurisprudential schools of thoughts” Jihat ul salam” Volume: 3, No: 1, July to December 2009 Yes
    “Brief introduction of four jurisprudential schools of thoughts and their historical analysis” “Minhaj” June 2005 Yes
    “Jurisprudential Differences and Conformity: A Comparative Study of the thoughts of Imam Sha’rani and Shah Wali Ullah. Jihat Ul Islam   Yes
2 Sadia Tahseen “Rwayat e Musnad Ahmed ki Roshni mai Tareekhe Quran ka tahqeeqi jaiza” Al-Qalam, University of The Punjab June 2014 Yes