The management, Staff and the Students of Executive Committee work in complete harmony to uphold the Islamic values, maintain excellent discipline and achieve high academic goals. The students are expected to abide by the following:


Aspecific percentage of attendance i.e. 80% is compulsory for send up Examination, as well as Final Exam.


It is refundable and the demand for the refund of security fee must be made within 3 months after leaving the university. When the students leave the university clearance from all departments including the library is a pre-requisite.


Students are required to pay “Breakage fee” in case of any breakage/damage done by them in the Laboratories during the practical or inside the campus. This fee is not deducted from the security, instead, it is payable immediately to compensate for the loss.


A student will be given a maximum of Two chances to clear the send up examinations. If a student fails to clear all the subjects in these Two attempts, then his/her admission will not be sent as a regular student.


(A) Students must acquire their University Identity cards soon after their admission. Students must display the identity cards at all times in the campus and present it on demand of any faculty member. Failure to produce ID card on demand by any faculty member shall warrant a fine of Rs. 50. In case of loss a new card will be issued on payment of Rs. 300. The card must be returned to university admin office on discharge from the university.
(B) Record of names and addresses of owners/drivers of vehicles and registration number of vehicles is kept with the university authorities for the security and safety of students.
(C) Students having valid driving license can park their cars/motorcycles in the parking area, only after obtaining a permit from the office. All students are expected to show the highest standard of conduct and discipline both inside and outside the Campus premises. The Administration attaches great importance to this aspect and strives to maintain an orderly ambiance of the campus at all costs. Failure on the part of the students to come up to the desired standard of conduct and discipline may result in their suspension / expulsion. Following are the areas which if violated would come under misconduct and merit very strict punitive action resulting in immediate rustication / expulsion. Without valid driving license car/Motor cycle is not allowed to be parked in the university parking area.


  • Possession of weapons
  • Sharp edged items
  • Knuckles
  • Any equipment / instrument with which someone else could be harmed
  • Narcotics and Cigarettes
  • Pornographic material
  • Being insolent / rude towards a member of the faculty / staff.
  • Willfully and deliberately damaging university property.
  • Cheating in examination or test.
  • Violation of university rules.
  • Indulgence in immoral acts