Department takes pride in its prestigious M. Phil International Relations Program, which was kicked off in the Fall of the year 2016. It is assiduously pursued in two years, comprising four semesters and weighted thirty credit hours. This program is driven by the inland and qualified foreign doctorates and post-doctorate. The pedagogy is in Pakistan Studies, Political Sciences, International Relations and Current and International Affairs. This faculty is also delighted in conducting the Bachelor of Science in International Relations (BS IR). The objectives of this course are to highlight the significance and introduce the fundamentals of International Relations to the students.

Development Program of International Relations & Political Science Department, Lahore Garrison University, Lahore.

The Department of International Relations is currently offering the BS and MPhil/MS degrees in the disciplines of International Relations with the approval of the Higher Education Commission Islamabad. Further, this Department is also catering for the needs of the teaching of Pakistan Studies, as a core subject, to the BS students of the whole University.

For further development and expansion/consolidation of the Department of International Relations & Political Science, the following planning scheme has been chalked out.

Start of the New Programs:

  1. PhD in International Relations (IR) will start after the approval by HEC; the case is in progress.
  2. Keeping in view the popularity of the new emerging disciplines of Peace and Conflict Studies (PCS) at the global level, the Department has planned to initiate the BS and MS programs in PCS. The Department is intended eventually to extend this program up to PhD level.
  3. The Department also is working on starting the BS and MS Degrees in Defense and Strategic Studies (DSS). It will further be extended to PhD afterwards. For this program, additional teaching faculty will be required.

After approval of the worthy Vice-Chancellor and the statutory bodies of the University, the program will be sent to the HEC for necessary approval and accreditation.

For effective implementation and improvement of the above-said programs, the University authorities would be requested for the provision of the updated facilities.


With its current focus on inter-disciplinary studies, policy-relevant research, knowledge sharing, and international collaboration Lahore Garrison University aims to keep itself on top of the institutions of higher learning and research in the fields of IR and Political Science in Pakistan. The primary objective and vision of these programs are to foster an intriguing and supporting learning environment that is conducive to high-quality and relevant learning exercises, including discussions, seminars, symposiums, workshops, and talks. The learning community consequently framed will take part in a practical aspect of both International Relations and Political Science.


The mission of the department is to enhance the knowledge and research skills of our students with the best research practices in the world, provide them all the research facilities and enable them to become an effective part of state policies, domestic and/or foreign, play role as civil society members, knowledgeable media experts, and expert researchers. The key objective is to offer students and research scholars the opportunity to fully realize their academic potential and equip them with needed intellectual and professional skills. Faculty in the department uses a wide range of theories and a variety of methods, from formal models to case studies and archival research. They urge and enable students to deploy multiple methods and to deal with alternative explanations.

Core Values

The core value of the department is to provide basic knowledge of Political Science and International Relations, these programs will focus on developing critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and communication and collaboration skills in its participants. Furthermore, special importance will be given to developing individuals capable of meeting the challenges of contemporary professional life.