Author Guidelines

Paper Title
Sentence Case, Center aligned, 16, Times New Roman Bold)

(Leave Single line)

Author Names

(Sentence Case, left aligned, names to be appeared in single line, each author separated by comma. Add > and before the last author’s name, 14, Times New Roman Bold)

Insert Foot Notes for Author Numbering and Affiliation Details

Author details should be in the following format (10, Times New Roman Regular)

(Designation, Department/Faculty, University/Organization, City, Country)

Corresponding Author (10, Times New Roman Bold)

(Mark * with corresponding author and keep it bold such as *Corresponding Author in foot notes where affiliation is written)

ABSTRACT (Heading > ABSTRACT, 12, Times New Roman Bold, Left Aligned)

Abstract Content > 0.5 first line indent, 12, Times New Roman, Justify

  • The abstract should be in between 250-300 words.
  • In-text citations should not be used in the abstract.
  • Abbreviations, if needed, should be spelled out.
  • The abstract should be structured into 
  • Purpose
  • Design/Methodology/Approach
  • Findings/Results
  • Research Limitations/Implications
  • Originality/Value
  • Conclusion

Keywords > 5 to 6, 12, Times New Roman Italic, Justify