Call for Papers
IMC 2022

May 25-26, 2022
International Media Conference on
Balancing the Expression: Exploring Antagonism in World Media Ecosystem

The expansion in the sources of mass media and advancement in technology have posed new challenges to the media sphere. Technological developments have posed the way towards a digital media   revolution and for developing   an   ecosystem comprised of converging media outlets.

These   factors  have   seriously   challenged  the  concepts   of   objectivity,    reliability  and  credibility  of  media  contents  that  lead towards Antagonism. The effects can be seen as massive collective actions and spread of hate speech amongst   members of    global    society. In this scenario, considering the recent media Ecosystem the limit to freedom of   expression is a great concern of today’s world.

Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission   (250 – 300 Words)
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Please contact if you have any queries:

Dr Aemen Khalid                  aemenkhalid@lgu.edu.pk      0302-4435421
Ms. Seemab Far Bukhari     seemabfar@gmail.com          0333-4655312

Conference Themes

  • Coverging Media & Marketing Trends.
  • Ethical Boundries in Digitalization
  • Discrediting Human Rights
  • Media Ecology
  • Facts VS Fake News

Registration Fee

Early bird Registration        1000/-PKR
Students                               2000/-PKR
Professionals                       3000/-PKR


Abstract Submission (Early bird)     :  28th February , 2022 (PST)
Abstract Submission (Regular)         :  15th March, 2022 (PST)
Acceptance/Rejection Notification  : 15th April, 2022 (PST)
Full paper submission    : 20th May, 2022 (PST)
Power point presentation :  22nd  May, 2022 (PST)

IMC 2022 Broucher


Registration Fee

Early bird Registration        1000/-PKR
Students                                 2000/-PKR
Professionals                         3000/-PKR


Abstract Submission (Early bird):          10th March, 2022 (PST)
Abstract Submission (Regular):              25th March, 2022 (PST)
Acceptance/Rejection Notification:       15th April, 2022 (PST)
Full paper submission:                              20th May, 2022 (PST)
Power point presentation:                        22nd May, 2022 (PST)


Please contact if you have any queries:

Dr. Aemen Khalid
aemenkhalid@lgu.edu.pk  (0302-4435421)
Ms. Seemab Far Bukhari
seemab.ics@pu.edu.pk (0333-4655312)

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