The Department of Mass Communication has been striving for excellence in the realm of Communication Studies since 2005. The distinguishing kingpin of the department is its literal as well as figurative ‘instrumentality’ devised for practical learning in addition to the essential theoretical academic pursuits. The former is facilitated through state of the art well-structured practical platforms such as Broadcasting house, LGUTV, LGU Radio and LGU Newspaper where students tend to garner firsthand experience of contemporary media practices. Moreover, the Department of Mass Communication also has the distinction of being the official media partner of HEC Educational Channel. Whereas, the theoretical learning is catalyzed through the highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty members who do not only ensure to bring their students at par with the preconceived dimensions of scholarly knowledge but also incite innovative approach among them to append to the existing body of research. It is due to this unique theory-and-practice mix that the graduates from this prestigious department are known for securing instant recruitments in various subfields of Mass Communication including Public Relations, Advertising, Print Journalism, Radio & TV Production and Digital Media.

The Department of Mass Communication offers two academic programs ranging from undergraduate courses to M. Phil. Program. The department also encourages its students to participate in different societies and Media Club of Lahore Garrison University, where their collaborative efforts give vent to quasi-professional team building and team management skills for achieving different productive and progressive goals.

The Department of Mass Communication welcomes all the interested and potential students to be a part of this invaluable experience so that they can ultimately be ushered into the global treads of Media Profession.