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Cloud Computing

IT professionals with skills in cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) are becoming the demand. Virtualization skills in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware for private cloud hosting, experience with DevOps, containers, the entire cloud stack and IPv6 are the future.

Machine Learning

Discover how machine learning can be used to build predictive models for AI. The essential segments of learning such as semantics, ontology and taxonomy to process information around us. Find out how to use neural networks to develop comprehensive machine learning foundation to process real-life problems. Learn how software can be used to process, analyze and distribute in an agency environment using machine learning.

Python Core

This program provides a comprehensive startup for deep learning and other allied domains. Development of various models for deep learning, analytics and machine learning are vital segments of artificial intelligence. The intuitive approaches will be translated into working code with practical problems and hands-on experience. You will learn how to build and derive insights from these models using Python Jupyter notebooks running on local Windows or Linux machine, or on a virtual machine running.

Knowledge Management

The Knowledge Management Essentials Training Course provides the big picture of Knowledge Management, Innovation & Learning in international companies and organizations and gives a solid introduction to the key concepts, successful practices and powerful instruments. Participants learn how to assess KM practices systematically, develop a KM strategy and implement them step-by-step including a successful KM Awareness program. This training is aligned with Industry 4.0 and technological innovations to provide a holistic picture of future organizations.

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22 Feb, 2019

11 : 00 AM - 12 : 30 PM

This is the Future !

NetSol founder Mr. Saleem Ghauri commented on offered technologies at Ontrak Training Incubation Center during his visit at LGU, Lahore

By Saleem Ghauri

18 Feb, 2019

10 : 00 AM - 12 : 00 PM

Ontrak Product Showcase

Cloud computing and Deep Learning Associates have presented their Hi-tech applications developed during their training program.

By Ontrak Team

Success Stories

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I have done Cloud Computing Associate certificate from Ontrak. It was a unique experience in terms of course quality, teaching methodology and skill development. Being a technologist, I have enjoyed the challenges and practical solution development under the supervision of a remarkable resource person and professional assistance. My work experience on Ontrak Data Centre for this course provides me the practical insight which will play a vital role in my career. At Ontrak, indeed they build careers.

Wasiq Naqi
Certified Cloud Computing Associate

Jobs and Internships Offerred

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Experience of being with ONTRAK is a complete learning process with 100% applied side skill development. I have successfully learnt cloud associate by working on different real-life use cases under the supervision of our cloud experts. It is an indeed an excellent opportunity for me to work in professional environment on cutting-edge technologies.

Mariam Akram
Author image

Experience with Ontrak is like securing my future while working with advance technologies like Cloud Computing. Working with the talented mentors, It will be a great opportunity for me to enhance my skills and lead them to the next level

Wasiq Naqi
Author image

Experience is the teacher of all things and my experience with ONTRAK is fantabulous. It manifests me a new and perfect direction on which I can put my potential to get a better career. ONTRAK provided me a big picture of advanced technologies. It is a complete applied-side domain so this certification was all about skill development and enhancement of skills to advance levels.

Saira Shaukat
Author image

Experience of working with ONTRAK is an absolute learning curve. Under the supervision of such thorough professionals, I was able to learn the aspects of cloud through proper proof of concepts. Being a sophomore, it is a great opportunity for me to work and develop my skills under the supervision of such great mentors. Thanks to ONTRAK, I am positive that my career is heading in the right direction.

Shamsa Akram

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