International Journal for Electronic Crime Investigation:

  • Kaukab Jamal Zuberi, Director Digital Forensics Research and Service Center (DFRSC), Lahore Garrison University
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Patron in Chief

  • Major General (R) Obaid bin Zakria, Lahore Garrison University

Chief Editor:

  • Kaukab Jamal Zuberi, Director Digital Forensics Research and Service Center (DFRSC), Lahore Garrison University

Assistant Editor:

  • Sajjad Sikandar, Lahore Garrison University
  • Prof. Dr. Shahid Raza, University of South Asia, Lahore
  • Mr.Qais Abaid, Digital Forensics Research and Service Center, Lahore Garrison University
  • Mr.Zaka ullah , Lahore Garrison University
  • Miss.Sadia kausar, Lahore Garrison University
  • Miss.Beenish Zehra, Lahore Garrison University
  • Mohsin Ali, Digital Forensics Research and Service Center (DFRSC), Lahore Garrison University
  • Mr. Ramy Express News
  • Maj General (R) Obaid bin Zakaria, Lahore Garrison University
  • Col(R) Sohail, Director QEC, Lahore Garrison University
  • Dr. Aftab Ahmed Malik, Lahore Garrison University
  • Madam Shazia Saqib, Lahore Garrison University
  • Dr.Haroon Rasheed, Lahore Garrison University
  • Dr.Farooq Latif, Lahore Garrison University

Author Guidelines

Manuscript Requirements



Manuscript file should be submitted as a Word document.

Article Length

Articles should be between 3000 and 6000 words in length.

Article Title

A title should not exceed more than 20 words

Author Details

Following details should be supplied on a separate page in the file with author details:
• Full name and email of each author including corresponding author.
• Affiliation of each author.


200 - 250 words (maximum)


Please provide up to 10 keywords at the end of Abstract.

Article Classification

The manuscript should be an original research paper following APA guidelines.

Main Text

Order of presentation should be Title, Abstract, Introduction, Material and Methods/Methodology, Analysis and Results, Discussion, Conclusion and References.


Follow APA guidelines.


If any


All references should be presented as a reference list.

Manuscript Requirements

Review for APA guidelines before submitting your article

This journal has adopted a double blind reviewing policy where both the referee and author remain anonymous throughout the process. Please remove all identifying features from the paper itself, ensuring that author's identity is not revealed. However, this does not prevent authors from citing their own works. Authors must cite their works in a manner that does not make their identity explicit. For instance: Acceptable: "Snow (2004) has indicated that . . ." Acceptable: "Some scholars have indicated that . . . (e.g., Snow, 2004; Mi, 2008 Unacceptable: "As we have indicated (Imam, 2013), . . ." Unacceptable: "In a previous study (Imam, 2013), we have indicated that . . ."

All authors are requested to disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest including any financial, personal or other relationships with other people or organizations within three years of beginning the submitted work that could inappropriately influence, or be perceived to influence, their work. Download Guidelines of Manuscript Format

Reviewers Committee

  • Dr. IM Qureshi (Air University)
  • Dr.M.Aamir Saleem Ch. (Hamdard University,Islamabad Campus)
  • DR.Aqdas Naveed Malik(International Islamic University Islamabad)
  • Dr. Muhammad Umair (University of central Punjab Lahore)
  • Dr.Tahir Naseem (Ripha International University Lahore Campus)
  • Dr.Umer Javed (IIU Islamabad)
  • Dr.Sajjad Ahmed Ghouri(IIU Islamabad)
  • Dr M Adnan Aziz (ISRA University Islamabad Campus)
  • Dr.T.A Cheema (ISRA University Islamabad Campus)
  • Dr.Bilal Shoaib (Global Institute Lahore)
  • Dr.Zeeshan Muzafer(Barani Institute Rawalpindi)