Game Design Workshop Summer 2018

Game Design & Virtual Learning Centre Presents

Department of Computer Science Lahore Garrison University (LGU)

3nd July to 10th August 2018


Maj Gen (R) Obaid Bin Zakria HI(M)


Dr. Atif Alvi


Dr. M. Ashraf Iqbal


  • Objectives and Deliverables

    Centre for Game Design and Computer Science Department, Lahore Garrison University (LGU) are excited to announce the Summer of Games 2018.

    Currently the market share is restricted to a small, insignificant part of Game Design while the crucial and more lucrative part is being done outside Pakistan.

    The most important objective is to enable our students to pass through all stages of Game Design: they should be able to create startups and instead of trying to find jobs after graduation they should be able to create and provide jobs to their class fellows. The workshop will span about four to six weeks; there will be some lecturing but most of the time students will be doing practical work: from Idea generation - to story boarding - to graphic design and interactivity - the marketing issues - the handling of the beta versions - all aspects would be covered in detail.

    This program comprises of four basic modules. The Game Design (Module 1), Game Development (Module 2) and Game Art (Module 3) would run in parallel so that participants working on their game could have a fully functional game judged by a panel of industry experts and last but not least Game Entrepreneurship (Module 4).

    The only deliverable of the workshop will be a Game for Impact. That is it is not only an entertainment and immersive game but some learning should also take place in the middle and high school science and mathematics.


Step 1

Start of the workshop from July 3 to July 14: 2 weeks cover the basics of the workshop.

Step 2

From July 16 to July 20: 1 week will be spent on hands-on practice on different techniques of Game Design. This will be purely practical work and no lecturing.

Ste 3

From July 23 to August 3: 2 weeks again of a mixture of advanced theoretical concepts and practical work will be conducted.

Step 4

From August 6 to August 10: 1 week - the projects will be finalized, polished, displayed and marketed.

Amazing Team


He has about ten years of experience of teaching and designing Games for educational purposes.


She has about three years of experience of designing Games in the US and Europe and did her graduation from Harvard University, USA. She studied a number of Game Design courses along with Educational Games with the right combination of Pedagogy & Technology.


He has about four years of experience of teaching and designing Games for educational purposes and entertainment purposes and did his graduation in Game Design from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), USA.


He has about five years of experience of teaching and designing Games for educational purposes and entertainment purposes.

DR. Atif Alvi


Zeshan Haider Malik

MSc Media Informatics in Human Computer Interaction(RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

Zafar Mehmood Khokhar


Haider Ahad


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