Seminar on importance of Digital Forensics in Solving Crimes

2nd National Conference Held in University Of South Asia, Lahore

On 06th and 07th December 2016

DAY 1:

Conference opening ceremony time was 9:00 am. But due to some reasons conference started at 9:30am. After that chief guest Gen. (Retd.) Obaid Bin Zakria Vice Chancellor of LGU was chaired the conference. Ceremony was started by reciting verses of Holy Quran. Then vice chancellor and vice chairman of USA addresses. After the address of chief guest souvenirs were awarded to guest panel. Refreshment time was from 11:00 am to 11:15 am.

After that session one was started. At starting of session Dr. Hammad Ali Akbar gave a brief presentation on Wireless Communication. In first session, Dr. Kokab Zubair from LGU presented his paper on cybercrime. And was awarded with a trophy. Lunch and Prayer break time is from 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm.

Session two started at 1:30 pm. In this session Mr. Muhammad Nadeem Ali presented and Syeda Binish Zahra presented their paper and was awarded with trophies. At the end there was a refreshment session.

DAY 2:

Opening ceremony of day 2 started at 9:00 am. After Tilawat e Quran and address of chief guests. Souvenirs were presented to their guests. After refreshment, at 10:30 am session 1 was started. In this session they have 3 invited talks on big data, data mining and computer vision by Omer Butt, Dr. Faisal Kamran and Dr. Mohsin Ali.

Before lunch and prayer break Ms. Noor Ul Qamar presented her paper and was awarded with trophy.

After lunch break, Mr. Muhammad Adnan Khan presented his paper on GA based MC-CDMA System and was awarded with trophy. Due to shortage of time, presentations of two participants from LGU were dropped.

Second session was chaired by Mrs. Shazia Saqib and Mr. Tahir Alyas from LGU.