Pak-China Business Expo 2016

The Departure for Expo-Center Lahore at 11:40 am and reached on venue at 12:45pm. Returned back to Campus at 2:30pm safely.

Event Summary

The Pak-China Business Form and COMSAT Institute of Information Technology had organize a Business Exhibition at Expo Center, Lahore on March-21-2016, Where Many of Chinese professional (National/Multinational) companies participated for the Advertisement of their respective products and services.

It was an Honor for the Computer Science Department LGU for visiting the Business-Exhibition, especially it was a great exposure for the students to get awareness of Chinese products and establish the direct contacts of B2B market level.

Academic Perspective

During the visit some academic level short meetings were held with the representatives of several Chinese universities. It was a positive approach for guest delegates to spread sentience regarding their course of intentions. The faculty team meet the delegates of Guangdong Ocean University, FES higher education consultants and Guangdong Ocean University Fishery College. The on table agenda was to get the maximum services from foreign Chinese universities and cross platform degree programs.

The not only constraint but an opportunity we get aware of was the Chinese Language. The China universities’ representatives told that if Pakistani students took expertise in Chinese language and learn to read, speak and write it then there will be a lot of opportunities open for such prospectus students. Another point of interest we got is that if we contact their registered Chinese language institutes in Pakistan to provide the learning resources & focal persons for Chinese language then they will provide it on priority even as a free service. So we (the faculty of CS) is going to plan a Chinese language course in the BSCS curriculum provided by HEC, that university can include a minor (elective) on its own will. This course will be in replacement of some elective course of English language because currently they are studying three courses of English language. By this little adaptive change we can open many futuristic pathways for our students.

Electric & Electronics

Too many companies participated in the expo to present their products like, Solar panel, solar light system, solar lights and CC TV cams, Flood lights etc. The solar light system is very much economical for the users. So the concern is not all about to see the products, but it should be adapted lower down the electricity expense of LGU. It is almost equal to the 3 months of electricity bills to apply solar system in class rooms.

LED/Plasma Display

There were a company Vigers Photoelectric technology CO. presenting O-LED the latest digital display technology. They called it energy saving and Green tech. A green earth project.

IT Equipment

The company Zhongshan Auxus Electronic Technology ltd. Was presenting the IT equipmets/gadgets/cables and home automation systems using a Wifi controller. By using the Network Power Switching hub, a user can access its home electric panel virtually becoming able to control all the appliances at home while absent from location but want some control.

In our opinion such control system can be deployed at LGU and our CS students are able enough to do it successfully if Hardware & resources are provided for experimentation. This need arises when something happens in campus but no one there to control it physically. It might be IP Cams controller or power grid controller on Android/Windows phones.


Nex Gen presents a Robot for home/office services which were able enough to serve tea/drink. The robot was able to uncap the regular soft drink bottle by built in program.

Another company was offering a robot capable to dance on 50 items and having a motion gravitational control mechanism to keep its balance while performing dancing steps.

3D Cinema

A company from china was presenting a home cinema with UHD 3D vision display and haptic touch technology supported by hand gesture control system.4D cinema scr was also presented tor customer/business interests to future orders.

There were a lot more but not enough for us to cater interest of all. The detail of activities is as under:

Visiting Team includes: 50 students with 7 Faculty members.

The Companies + Visited:

1- MicroTech industries (Pvt.) Ltd
2- Sinotec 3-Aratek
4- PanBom Shenzhen PanBom technology CO., LTD
5- Luxman Shenzhen Luxman Light Co. LTD.
6- MicroTech industries (pvt) Ltd.
7- e-fire electric fireplaces
8- Jiangmen Guanghong Lightening Technology CO. LTD.
9- Vigers Photoelectric technology CO., LTD.
10- FATAFAT digital printing
11- Global International trading
12- Polydoors
13- Shenzhen Power-Solution Ind Co. LTD.
14- Guangdong Ocean University
17- HB furniture
18- Shenzhen gold wife imp and exp Co., LTD.
18- Things Access (Pvt) LTD.
19- Zhongshan Auxus Electronic Technology Co., LTD.
20- Guangdong Victor Electronic Co., LTD.
21- FES higher education consultants.
22- Next Bridge
23- Guangdong Ocean University Fishery College
24- Dynamic Green Energy Solutions