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Call for Papers

1st International Conference on English Language, Literature, Education and Society (ICELLES) 2018

Department of English Language and Literature at Lahore Garrison University (LGU) is announcing the 1st International Conference on English Language, Literature, Education and Society (ICELLES) to be held on 13th-14th March, 2018.

The conference aims to provide a leading interdisciplinary platform for national and international scholars, language policy makers, professionals, researchers, academic scientists, linguists and educationists to impart and share their experiences in quality teaching and learning. Through this forum, the participants are expected to disseminate the recent innovations, trends and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted to initiate cross cultural dialogues and develop a socially cohesive environment

To cater the purpose, it is expected that the conference will not only fulfill the faculty and students’ research based needs but it will also be significant to accomplish existing provincial needs by exploring the answers of certain questions:

  • How to uplift English Language Proficiency of less privileged learners?
  • Is there a possibility to identify contextual factors having explanatory potential to help promote the use of English at all levels without losing learner’s identity in society?
  • In what best practical ways, English Literature could be assimilated into English Language Teaching and Learning?
  • How learners of English Language (Foreign or Second Language) can best utilize their bilingual, multilingual and trans-lingual skills in different contexts dealing with intercultural and globalization issues?
  • Which educational policies conform with the pedagogical practices in multifarious cross -cultural and inter-societal contexts and what reformations are indispensable to apply in the light of learners’ needs?


The conference has the breadth and in-depth scope for students, researchers and intellectuals to probe the various possibilities of linking research with practice in the above fields. Importantly, papers in this conference will explore and foreground important issues and perspectives in contemporary English Language studies. It is our fervent hope that the papers in this collection will help to initiate further discussion and collaborate research projects.

Call for Contributions:

Interested presenters, national and international, who would like to enlighten prospective audience through their original and unpublished high quality contributions based on empirical, experimental or theoretical/conceptual work on relevant specific themes are cordially invited to participate and attend.

Conference Theme:

Contemporary Advancements, Challenges and Prospects in English Language, Literature, Education and Society


Following are some of the potential themes to be addressed by the presenters, based upon the contemporary issues encountered by Second Language Learners and Teachers related to language proficiency strategies, practices and empirical approaches towards literature and pedagogical reformations in the context of language & society.

1- Language and Linguistics

    Linguistics and Speech Resource Development
  • Critical Discourse Analysis
  • Heritage Language Development
  • Inter-language and Latest Trends in Second Language Acquisition
  • Speech Processing in Bi-/Multi-linguals
  • Literacy in Multiple Languages (Pluriliteracy)
  • Intercultural and Globalization Issues and Perspectives Related to Multilingualism.
  • Social Dimensions of Language Assessment
  • Language Testing and Assessment

2- Literature

  • Post– Colonial literature
  • Literature and Modernism
  • Literature and New Media
  • Literature and Film
  • Gender studies in Literature
  • The Narrative and Narratology in Literature
  • Magical Realism

3- Language and Teaching

  • Benchmarking in TESOL
  • Quality Audit in TESOL
  • English for Specific Purposes
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Action Research in English Language Teaching
  • Effective English Pedagogical Methodologies in Language and Literature Classrooms
  • Education for Sustainable Language Development
  • Designing Curriculum for Language Teaching and Assessment in ELT

Abstract Guidelines:

Original abstracts (up to 200-250 words with 5 key words) in English Language should be sent to in doc/docx. format by 5th February, 2018. Notification of acceptance will be sent by 16 February, 2018. Abstracts will be published in Conference Abstract Book. Note: Abstracts not following these guidelines will be rejected.

  • APA Guidelines for documenting papers on Linguistics and English Language Teaching should be followed.
  • MLA guidelines should be applied on works related to Literature.

Important Dates

Title Dates
Conference Dates 13th -14th March , 20187
Abstract Submission Deadline 19th February, 2018
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection 21th February, 2018
Registration Deadline 26th February, 2018
Full-Text Paper Submission Deadline
(MSWord and Power point)
28th February, 2018


1. Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC)

2. Lahore Garrison University (LGU)

Conference Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunities:

ICELLES 2018 offers the opportunity to become a conference sponsor. To participate as a sponsor, please contact focal Person on the conference email address.