Department Of English

Instructions for Presenters

1. The authors are requested to follow the given guidelines for submitting the abstracts of research papers.

  • The abstract must be submitted in English.
  • The abstract should be consisted of 200 to 250 words.
  • The abstract should be precise with a comprehensible and appropriate title given at the top of the abstract.
  • APA 6th edition font (Times New Roman) and formatting style should be followed by the research papers on the themes of Language and Linguistics.
  • MLA 8th edition font and formatting style should be followed by the research papers on the themes of Literature.
  • The recommended line spacing for abstract is 1.5.
  • Abstract must include:
  • a) Introductory statement that outlines the objective/ rationale of the study

    b) Research problem, research gap and significance of the study

    c) research methodology including participants of the study and research tools

    d) Findings of the study

    e) Conclusion and major recommendation

    f) Four to five keywords in alphabetical order

  • Provide Author’s / Authors’ personal details including name, email address, contact details and institutional affiliation.
  • Provide Presenter’s CV.
  • Abstracts of the papers accepted will be published in the Abstract Book.
  • Papers approved for presentation will be published in the proceedings of the Conference after review if the presenter opts for it.
  • The abstracts should be submitted till February 5, 2018 on the following email address:

Instructions for Oral Presentation

  • The presentation will be communicated in English.
  • Each presenter will be given 15 minutes for presentation. Q/ A session after the presentation will be moderated by the session chair for 5 minutes.
  • The presentation must cover the following areas:
  • a) Overview/ background of the topic

    b) Rationale/ Objective/ Purpose of the Study

    c) Theoretical Framework/ Literature Review

    d) Research Methodology

    e) Overview of Findings and Result

    f) Discussion/ Conclusion

    g) Recommendations

  • The presenter must follow Instructions for Presenters as a guideline of submission template.
  • The presentation in the form of Power point slides must be submitted till 28th February, 2018 on the given email address. The presenter will bring his/ her presentation in USB at the time of presentation as well.

  • The honorable authors are encouraged to contribute in the conference through the submissions of their research abstracts in the areas of English Language, Linguistics, Education and Society. The authors may opt to publish their papers in the conference proceedings. However, they will be required to inform about their intentions when they send the abstract of the paper for the conference.