Dr. Ch. Jamil Anwar
Vice Chancellor LGU

Ex-Pro Vice Chacellor
Punjab University Lahore

Academic Degrees
Ph.D. in Chemistry
(Aberdeen University, UK)
Post Doctorate
(Florida University, USA)


We welcome you to the Lahore Garrison University which is an emerging center of academic excellence in the historical city of Lahore. Our Mission is to equip the up coming generation with the valuable knowledge and the latest skills in a disciplined and congenial atmosphere. We believe that education is the only pathway to a civilized and prosperous society. Education brings not only tolerance and harmony in the society but also opens the door of development and progress for a nation.The universities have been regarded as key institution in the process of social change and development in the society. They fulfill this major responsibility through carrying out fresh research in the field of science, engineering, technology, humanities and arts and by providing the value base education to the students to make them future leaders. The Lahore Garrison University is determined to fulfill this mission. At the same time, we are a part of the global village passing through the era of hard competition. Hence we must impart such training to over graduate so that they may become competent to lead the world in science, technology and trade. That is what the faculty at Lahore Garrison University aims to do. Join us in leading the nation to a secure and prosperous future. May Allah bless all of us with knowledge, courage and prosperity. Ameen”

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LGU has become a chartered university by Government of Punjab, LGU has attained this milestone only in two years of its establishment.